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Our mission is to provide safe, reliable low cost vehicle solutions to assist federal agencies to
effectively and efficiently meet their mission and federal mandates.
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2020 Draft Federal Vehicle Standards Comment Period

Med/Heavy: Opens 3/27/2019 - Closes 5/08/2019
Light duty:--Opens 4/03/2019 - Closes 5/17/2019
Ambulance, Vocational,and Wheelchair: Opens 4/10/2019 - Closes 5/17/2019
Federal Vehicle Standards Comment Collection Period Notes:
  • Comments submitted for vehicles other than the specified vehicles will not be considered.
  • The comment collection periods supports the required coordination activities for vehicle standards and specifications development. Interestedparties can view federal vehicle standard items and documentation and submit their comments online.
  • The Federal Vehicle Standards website can befound at the following link (please update your bookmarks):
  • The site will also continueto house previous model year data and documentation.
  • To submit commentsto the DRAFT 2020Standards, go to the above link and select the year 2020.
  • Click on the tabs to select the Standard Item or Documentation you wish to comment on and add comments.

  • If you have any questions, please contact John Hampson, Branch Chief, Vehicle Engineering Branch at

    New and Enhanced AutoChoice 'Compare Prices' Screen

    On Monday, February 25th,you will see a new and enhanced AutoChoice 'Compare Prices' screen. The "Compare Prices" screen has acleaner look and nowdisplays even more vehicle details. New details include information on emissions, fuel type, fuel economy, and associated options. These enhancements will help improve your vehicle-buying experience and ensure you select the best vehicle to meet your mission requirements. If you have any questionsor concerns about this enhancement please contact the GSA Fleet AFV Team at

    Record the Date your Agency Received their Vehicle

    AutoChoice, "Your History Tab," provides end_users a way to enter the date their agency received their vehicles. Instructions are available under the "Customer Service Tab," in the AutoChoice Tutorial, page 49.

    Vehicle Availability Listing (VAL)

    Please refer to the Vehicle Availability Listing (VAL) in AutoChoice forvehicle closeout dates, as well as, vehicles that open later in the year. You can view the latest VAL listing by clicking on the "Vehicle Availability Listing(VAL)" in the top left corner of this screen.

    Customer CARE

    If you have any questions, or require assistance, contact GSA Vehicle Purchasing's Customer CARE at 844-472-1200 or e-mail usat